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In an offensive 2-on-1 opportunity, passing to the other attacking player in key target area increases scoring probability by 40%!

For 3 years, Clear Sight Analytics has cataloged every NHL shot sequence resulting in a shot on goal and now they've created the definitive criteria of a scoring chance. Get the data-driven insights you need to improve your offensive tactics at the

Breakaway Scoring Analytics Camps — Elite Sessions

for Forwards & Defensemen

With Curriculum Support by Clear Sight Analytics CEO & Former NHL Goaltender Steve Valiquette
Do you clearly know the skills needed to be a goal scorer, playmaker and offensive contributor?

Do you have the game data that clearly defines these skills?

Are you confident that your training is clearly developing these skills?
If not, now is the time to enroll in a Breakaway Scoring Analytics Camp for Forwards and Defensemen powered by Clear Sight Analytics (CSA). For more than 3 years, Steve Valiquette, former NHL Goaltender, current MSG NY Rangers Analyst, and CEO of CSA has been collecting innovative team- and player-based performance data built around the quality of scoring chances.
(What Does This Mean?)
CSA's proprietary methodology systematically catalogs every shot sequence resulting in a shot on goal for every game played in the NHL, using 34 individual standardized points of data, including:

Passer, Passer location, Shooter, Shooter location, Offensive situation (i.e., man advantage/even strength, odd man rush/settled offense and face offs), Screens, Deflections, Broken plays...

And of course, RESULTS including: Rebounds...Whistles...GOALS

This proprietary methodology allows CSA to accurately categorize each shot sequence resulting in a shot on goal by type, creating the definitive criteria of a scoring chance—the actual probability of scoring. CSA has analyzed more than 250,000 shot sequences resulting in a shot on goal—more than 8 million individual points of data—creating a new generation of team and player performance metrics that will change how you see the game. This is Hockey in Clear Sight.

CSA's rapidly expanding roster of clients includes the Toronto Maple Leafs. Now Steve is making this knowledge available to you through a Breakaway Hockey program (off and on-ice) which explains, teaches, and enhances the skills you need to score goals.

Breakaway Hockey is the first CSA Authorized Skills Analytics Education Partner, and the only one in 2018 to bring this wealth of scoring information to youth athletes!


  • Elite Camp:

    For the Elite Session, athletes must be born from 2003 to 2007 and have played at the AAA or AA level. CT Hockey Conference athletes must have played at a minimum in the Tier 2 season-ending tournament. This camp is for serious players who want to improve their game. If players do not have the skill to participate at this level, camp coaches will have the discretion to move players to the afternoon "Futures" group.

  • Future Elite Camp:

    For the Future Elite Scoring Analytics Camp, athletes must be born from 2004 to 2008. Athletes born from 2004 to 2007 must have played in a CHC Tier 3 season-ending tournament or higher, and 2008 players must have played at CHC Tier 2 tournament or higher.

How The Program Works:

Off-Ice Program: Each day of camp will start with a classroom session including a video presentation by Steve Valiquette himself focused on understanding a Key Scoring Indicator or KSI. For example, Monday's KSI is Passing Locations:
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Not every pass is created equal when considering its impact in creating a scoring opportunity. You MUST posses the skills to make specific passes which create the highest probability to score a goal. However, you MUST also have the knowledge to realize other passes are being made for other reasons and should be made with that in mind.

An example for pass consideration is on an offensive 2-on-1 opportunity. Data shows that a goal is scored 27% of the time. If the player carrying the puck into the zone ends up shooting the puck, the probability of scoring is only 18%. However, if a pass is made to the other attacking player in the data-defined key target area, the pass receiver scores 58% of the time. Yes, that's a 40% increase in the probability of scoring. Passes to locations other than the key target area during a 2-on-1 result in much lower scoring opportunity. You must train to put the odds in your favor!

On-Ice Curriculum: With the knowledge shared in the classroom, players will take the ice for two hours of skill development instruction with specific CSA drills targeted to develop skills to implement the daily KSI.

As part of the training, players will learn the FACTs on each KSI:
- Frequency situation occurs
- Actionable insight to implement
- Conversion rates of scoring options
- Target Locations for best results

Camp Management:

  • Provided by Breakaway Hockey, the first CSA Authorized Skills Analytics Education Partner.

    Breakaway has been providing youth-oriented hockey camps since 1998.

Hockey Needs Data:
Learn Why With Steve Valiquette

Primary Staff

Curriculum Support from Steve Valiquette

  • CEO, Clear Sight Analytics
  • MSG Network Studio Analyst, NY Rangers
  • Former NHL Goaltender, NY Rangers, NY Islanders, Edmonton Oilers
In addition to providing curriculum and content for this camp, Steve will visit the camp in person to meet players.

Program Director –
Ken Dixon, President, Breakaway Hockey

  • CSA Certified Skills Analytics Instructor
  • Level 4 USA Hockey Certified
  • Former Player, US Military Academy
  • Over 25 years youth coaching experience
  • Camp Director since 1995

  • Head On-Ice Coach
    Tim Joncas

    • CSA Certified Skills Analytics Instructor
    • Former Player & Team Captain, Trinity College
    • Head Coach, Westminster School Boys' Varsity
    • Athletic Director, Westminster School
    • Over 14 years youth coaching experience